Free slots: how do I play slots for free and without limits?

Free slots are online casino games that can be played without any money in your account, but which also have a paid mode. All you need to do is run the slots for free in order to start playing for virtual money. All serious developers provide them to players in “Play for fun” mode.

All licensed free pokies online operate exactly the same way as in play for money mode. And this is a great submarine to get you started with all sorts of games.

On online casino sites you can play free online pokies Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO and EGT. All you have to do is register to get unlimited free access to over 500 slots. The online casino requires no fees so customers can play in demo mode.

How to play slot machines for free: basic questions

Many people don’t believe it’s possible to pokies slots free play, as even online games and mobile gaming apps require a paid account registration or regular ‘feeds’ to obtain additional options. However, it’s true that you can play pokies slots for free without spending any money for fun.

Potential players have a lot of questions regarding free play, which we will answer in this article. So, let’s begin in order.

How do I find free slots?

Sure, you can just use search engines and go to the first site you come across. But there is a risk of getting into scammers that offer not licensed games, but fakes.

To find free licensed casino games that work correctly and give fair winnings, you need to play on licensed sites.

How do I run the slots online for free?

Run the slot machines for free by simply clicking on the button “Play for fun” or “demo mode. If you click on “Play for Real”, the player enters the mode of play for money.

By clicking on “Play for fun” the player enters free mode: they have a certain amount of virtual money in their account. All the same settings are available as in the paid mode. You can adjust, if provided by the functionality of the slot, the number of lines for betting, the number of coins per line, the size of the coin and more.

So that the player does not forget that he is in free mode, periodically appears a message reminding that the game is not for real money. Just close the window with the message to continue to play pokies for free.

If you press ‘Play for Real’, the game will start in real money mode. The same playing field will appear, as in the demo mode. But if there is no money on the account, the player simply will not be able to run a spin – this opportunity will not be available. The possibility of playing for debt is not provided, respectively, there is no chance that the player will accidentally write off funds.

How long can I play for free?

The time of one game session is limited only by the amount of virtual money in the account. If the funds are available, the game will continue, interrupted only by reminders that it is a demo.

If the virtual money runs out, you simply won’t be able to continue betting. However, if you reload the page and re-enter the slot, the process will start again, the player will get the virtual money again.

How do the free slots work?

Online pokies free works exactly the same way as when you play for money. Again, of course, we’re talking about licensed slots at a licensed casino.

Developers specifically put identical operating parameters in demo and real versions so that visitors can get a full idea of the gameplay, design, music and other game parameters beforehand.

As for unlicensed games, they can work in free mode as they please. It’s a very common tactic for cheaters to showcase lucrative free-to-play games to lure people in by forcing them to place bets. And in the paid mode, winnings are given out much less frequently. Such cheating discredits licensed slots, and that’s another reason to check the site and the slot machine for license.

Can I win in free slots?

The frequency of winnings in free mode is the same as in paid mode. But, if you play online pokies free, the game will be played with virtual money, not with the player’s money. Accordingly, winnings will also be awarded in the same virtual money.

It should be understood that winnings in free mode cannot be converted into real money. Also, if a lot of money is won when playing “Play for Fun”, but the slot has been closed, on reopening the account will be the amount the developer provides by default.

Why are free slots created?

Free mode is also called demo mode, that is, a demonstration mode, and this explains the meaning of its existence. Developers are well aware of the psychology of players and understand that most are ready to put money only when they know what they get in return.

So, having tested the free pokies game, it becomes clear what to expect from the game. If the player likes everything, he will make a deposit and place real bets.

Also “Play for Fun” mode comes in handy when there is no possibility to bet live money. But lack of money does not turn into abandonment of your favourite game: thanks to the free version, you can enjoy the gameplay, just without cash winnings.

Are there slots that cannot be played for free?

Yes, you can’t play for free pokies with a progressive jackpot. The developers politely inform the player that the slot is only available in real money mode. Although there have been some exceptions recently. For example, the famous millionaire creator Hall of Gods allows you to play for “funnies”.

Why play slot machines for free?

There are many answers to this question, but every player gets these benefits:

  • Full acquaintance with the game without any investment;
  • Available entertainment;
  • The opportunity to test their own betting patterns;
  • Simply a pleasant, non-binding pastime.

Whatever your reason, you can play free pokies no registration at any time. To do so, simply select a game from the list, click on it, and select demo mode.