Online slots. Overview

Slots are called slot machines, which can be played by dropping a coin into a slot and pulling a lever. There are also casino online pokies, in which the game starts when you press a button on your computer screen. These devices make it easy to control the game with your own moves and strategies and are very popular all over the world.

History of Slots

Slots are the same as slot machines, dating back to the last century. The very first such device was created by Charles Fay, a mechanic who lived in San Francisco in the 1880s. This invention was a design for a game on which three drums were spinning. As it spun, five symbols would change and if certain combinations came up, the player would win.

Why they included a diamond, horseshoe, Liberty Bell, hearts and spades is difficult to explain today, but the machine became very popular in American bars at that time.

Since then, the gaming devices have evolved rapidly and a century later, the first electromechanical version of the Money Honey was launched by Bally.

Today you can play pokies online, equipped with multiple paylines, hundreds of bright characters, exciting stories, great sound and design from talented artists.

How it works

The game in any casino pokies online is designed pretty much the same way – a person throws a coin and spins the drum, as a result of which the symbols add up in a certain order, and if a winning combination comes up, the player gets the money or is awarded a free game.

The symbols that spin on the slot are usually simple and colourful – fruit, stones, diamonds and monkeys.

The rules of the game

Despite the simplicity of the game, online casino pokies have their own rules, and it is better to stick to them, so as not to get into trouble. In addition, you should know the terms and their meaning.

For example, the reels in the machine act as the rotation of symbols and with the help of paylines put them into a particular combination. A total of 5 to 9 of these lines and a lot of winning combinations, and the player can win money as well as various bonuses – an extra spin or the entire free game.

The whole game is based on a random number generator that sets the online pokies machine in motion. Today, this MSG works without human assistance thanks to special software, so everything happens very quickly along with the movement the player makes by pulling the lever. The result is immediate, and the combination never repeats itself.

What kind of slots are there?

Traditional, which have 3 to 5 reels with one or more winning lines.

Progressive where you can win the progressive (increasing) jackpot. These online pokies USA are equipped with software from a single developer and are usually linked to jackpots, which can reach staggering amounts of money across multiple online games.

Video slots from the latest software manufacturers feature great quality video and audio effects, state-of-the-art storylines and 40 paylines.

Slot tournaments

Along with the emergence of any game, as a rule, the organization of all kinds of competitions begins. Best pokies online tournaments are very exciting and popular among the participants.

Usually, the players pay a certain amount of money to register and participate, get a machine number and, at a signal, start the game, for which a certain amount of time is allotted. At the end of the tournament the points are recorded and the play of all participants is analysed.

An online pokies news competition is also attractive, as it requires no special skills or knowledge.

The important thing is

Winning and Top online pokies are those with a large number of reels and paylines.

Progressive slots with huge jackpots from the well-known brands Playtech or Microgaming give a big chance of winning.

It is important to pay attention to the winning percentages on the different devices.

Payouts in the machines do not depend on the results of previous spins, so it’s better not to think about it.


Slots were called one-armed bandits when they first appeared back in the nineteenth century. This was due to the fact that the machine had a single knob that you had to twist as you played. People usually lost every penny of their money.

Slots are often called fruit machines because such symbols are very popular in them.

Japanese slot machines are derived from the traditional game ‘pachinko’ and are called ‘pachisuro’.

Although not all machines today are mechanical, the name ‘pachinko’ still remains as a reminder of the days when they had switches that operated by tilting and any breakage had the same name as such a movement.

The most extensive list of maximum jackpot slots is produced by the well-known company Microgaming.