Online casino bonuses: list, types and conditions for casino bonuses

Any gambling establishment offers various incentives to its guests. This is a marketing ploy by which casinos invite newcomers and encourage regular customers to play. But it’s not only the institution that benefits, as players get freespins, cashback, biggest casino bonus – welcome, loyalty points, etc.

That way, everyone wins: the casino expands its customer base and users can start playing with a significant edge. The only remaining question is: what online casino bonus USA offers, and how do they work? You can find out the answer below.

General rules for casino bonus program

There are no definite conditions for receiving certain bonuses, as the rules are determined by each casino separately. In one case, it’s enough to register with the institution, in another – making a deposit of a minimum amount. Therefore, before agreeing to the USA online casino bonus, you need to read the rules.

Still, there are some peculiarities to pay attention to:

  • Wager. Each bonus has to be wagered through a multiplier such as x30.
  • Accrual. In order to get casino bonuses, it’s imperative that you meet the conditions. It can be registration, depositing, downloading a mobile application, choosing a particular slot machine, etc.
  • Appointment. All US online casino bonus have limitations. Most often it concerns customers. For example, a reward for the first deposit may be received only by a newcomer. Or when the bonus is intended exclusively for VIP clients.
  • Casino promotional codes. Some bonuses can be obtained only after the activation of the coupon code, inside which a code is placed. It must be entered in a special field.
  • The date of the event. Most such sub-programs are limited in time. The period of validity of the bonus is necessarily specified in the terms and conditions.

Types of bonuses at online casinos

Gaming institutions offer different types of bonuses. These include any promotions, gifts and prizes that a player receives.

There are up to ten varieties of casino bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses;
  • Deposit bonuses;
  • Cashback;
  • freespins, etc.

Each of them has its own features and conditions for use.

No deposit bonuses

These are the most sought-after funds among gamblers, as they are free. Such bonuses casinos often provide beginners who have just started playing. They don’t even need to make a deposit. However, such bonus is very small and has strict conditions.

In addition, to withdraw the winnings, which were obtained through Top bonus casino, most likely have to replenish the account for a minimum amount.

Deposit bonuses

This is a Top casino bonus that is actively used by players. Most often, a deposit bonus at a casino is given for the first few deposits for newbies. But such a promotion is also actively used for experienced casino customers. Especially when new slot machines appear.

Such bonuses in online casinos can accrue as a percentage of the deposit. For example, for making a deposit, the player additionally receives a bonus of 100%. Please note, the rules necessarily indicate the maximum amount that can get a gambler.

Reload casino bonuses

This is a next casino bonus, unlike the welcome bonus, Reload receives only regular customers. They are accrued precisely for depositing funds into a gaming account. But you have to stick to the minimum limit. If you deposit a smaller amount, the bonus will not be activated.

The main feature of such a bonus policy is regularity, as it is valid all the time. For example, you can get a reward every Sunday or at the end of the month.

Bonuses for using payment systems

Some casinos with bonus reward customers who deposit using specific payment systems. Such promotions are associated with the appearance of a new type of transfer on the gaming establishment’s website. For example, due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, most casinos encourage players to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Bonuses for high rollers and VIP players

For frequent depositors who make high amounts of deposits, the casino offers special bonuses. These can be freespins, loyalty points that can be redeemed at an inflated rate, cashback, and finally the latest casino bonus – personal bonuses, etc.

In addition, a high roller or VIP player often has a personal manager assigned to him, who is constantly in touch. Even customer service is fast-tracked.

Birthday bonuses

Almost all gambling establishments congratulate their customers on their birthdays. Such a policy further increases player loyalty. As a gift, you can get funding, an individual bonus, participation in a tournament, etc. The amount of the bonus from the online casino is determined by the administration. Moreover, even if there is no information about birthday gifts in the promotions section, the casino can still congratulate the customer.

Bonuses for inviting new customers

Bonus for a friend” promotion is very common, as it is an effective way for the casino to increase the number of customers. All a player has to do is distribute an affiliate email to their subscribers and acquaintances. When they go to the website, register and deposit money, the user will receive casino big bonus for the attracted customers.

This can be free turnovers, cashback on the amount deposited, an additional percentage or even real money.

Online casino freespins

There are a few of the most common Top casino bonus options. The first is a percentage that is added to a deposit, the second is casino freespins that can only be activated on a specific slot machine.

Free spins can be awarded for registration, deposit, completing a profile and other activities. In addition, freespins are often found within words. For example, when a player is hit with special symbols.


New casino bonuses and promotions are of great importance for any player, as they give the opportunity to win much more. The user can get free spins for the slot, a percentage to the deposit, a cashback, a ticket to the super prize draw or real money. But before you play casino bonus, you need to read the terms of activation and use of the bonus beforehand.